I enjoyed this anecdote from my colleague Dr. Keith Kaplan. It reminded me of Joseph Heller’s Catch 22.

A Conversation with a Clinician

Here’s a clip:

Dr. [Clinician]: When I biopsied the patient before, the mucosa looked funny.  You said it looked atrophic.

Me: Yes.

Dr. [Clinician]: The mucosa looked funny.

Me: How did the mucosa look funny?

Dr. [Clinician]: You know, funny.

Me: No I don’t know. You said the mucosa looked funny. We don’t have a diagnosis for “funny”.

Dr. [Clinician]: You think this is funny? How is this funny?

Me: No. This is not funny. You said the mucosa looked funny. I was worried about a carcinoma.

Dr. [Clinician]: Yeah, the mucosa looked funny.

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